Effective Intervention was founded in 2005 by a group of academic economists with interests in development economics, health and international economic policy.  We believe that there is room for better use of science, and rigorous analysis, in foreign aid programs.

We aim to reduce child mortality in poor regions of the world:
Our first goal is to design and implement aid projects to demonstrate effective, inexpensive means to reduce child mortality in the developing world. We chose this as our focus since there is good scientific evidence that it is possible to substantially reduce child and infant death, and that the cost of doing this need not be large.  Despite such evidence, however, mortality levels remain extremely high in many regions of the world.

We currently have five projects underway, four in the area of child health and one in children’s education.  We are working to reduce child mortality in a region of Guinea-Bissau where 30% of children die before the age of five. We are also working in tribal regions of Andhra Pradesh, India, where 5-6% of children die before one month of age. Our projects now cover over 500,000 people in India and Africa, and during 2007 we will be employing nearly 1,000 people, full-time and part-time, to implement them. Every project includes a rigorous, pre-specified analysis plan, and two of our projects are designed as large cluster-randomised controlled trials.

We partner with local health professionals and governments, along with many academic institutions, to design our interventions. We also work closely with medical statisticians to write our statistical protocols for research.

Financing and Donations
We have commitments from private donors to finance our work. We do not plan to raise further funds until we have clear evidence of efficacy from our ongoing projects.

Where Are We?
We are located in the Centre for Economic Performance in the London School of Economics in London. We also have offices in Guinea-Bissau in West Africa.